About IAPCross Metro

This plugin integrate Windows Store In App Purchase to Unity !

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★ Windows Store 8.0 and Windows Store 8.1 are supported !
★ It’s compatible with IAP Android, IAP Windows Phone !
★ Unity4 & Unity5 are supported !
★ Consumable and Nonconsumable products are supported !
★ Purchase Trial App to Full App.
★ Simulate all operations on Real Devices !
★ Get all product details with a single line code (descriptions, keywords, icons, etc…)
★ Get converted data from Windows Store
★ Handle all progress with perfect event system
★ Write a single line of code and plugin will do everything.
★ Continue to code in C#
★ Excellent integration to Unity.
★ Fully tested on all systems in project
★ Visual Studio In code documentation

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