FBCross Setup

We will setup FBCross here:

☛ If you are using Facebook Windows Phone with Unity 5 , please check this :
Facebook Windows Phone Unity 5 Setup , If you are not using Unity 5 or above go next step:

☛ Go http://developer.facebook.com

☛ If you dont register before , first of all you must register as Facebook Developer.


☛ After you register. Click My Apps -> Add a New App


☛ Pop up will be open . And Click Web Site


☛ Click Skip and Create App Id


☛ create a New App Id pop up will be open. Enter Display Name of Project , select your project category.


After click Create App Id your project will be create.

☛ Go your project “Dasboard” ->COPY App Id . We will use this Id in Unity.


Now we will set redirectUrl.

☛ On the left side bar click “Settings” After page open, you will see +Add Platform and click


☛ Select Platform “Website” ***if you create before you dont need to do again.***


☛ Enter Site URL, Mobile Site URL , Contact Email and Save Changes -> COPY this Site URL -> We will use this Site URL in Unity.


☛ On the left side bar click Status & Review -> Go to Live your Project !


Your project is live now !

You can continue with Example Codes

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