IAPCross Android Setup

Unity & Android In App Purchase Cross Setup !

☛ Go to Google Developer Console . If you dont register as a developer, you need to register.

☛ You need Google Wallet Merchant Account for selling in app items.If you dont register yet Go to the Google Wallet and register to merchant account.
Now you are ready to publish your app on Google Play

☛ Go to Google Developer Console . If you dont create your application store yet.

☛ On the left side menu click “All Applications” then “Add New Application”


☛ Enter Application Title and click Prepare Store Listing.


☛ Go your Application page in Google play.Click Services & APIs and COPY Base64-encoded RSA public key. We will use this key in code.


☛ First we have to upload apk file for creating in app products. Your application apk must be signed.You can create singed apk file using Unity3d. OR you can create with android project More Info
We will continue with Unity3d.

☛ Open Your Unity Project. On the top menu int Unity3d click “File -> Build Settings” , select Platform to “Android” and click “PlayerSettings”


☛ Open “Other Settings” tab . And enter Bunle Idenfier , Bundle Version , Bundle Code and select Minimum bundle. ATTENTION!! : Minimum API must be greater than 2.2.0


☛ Now we will crate keystore file. This file is your private key. ATTENTION: DO NOT lose this file , and DO NOT forget Keystore Password and Alias Password. (When you want to update your app on store you need this file and passwords)

1) Check “Create New Keystore” then
2) Click “Browser Keystore” then select your file location and click “save”
3) Enter “Keystore Password” and “Confirm Password”
4) Select “Create a new key” in dropdown menu.


☛ Enter Alias , Password,Confirm and click “Create Key”


☛ Select your alias in dropdown menu and enter password (which you enter in previous step)


☛ File -> Build Settings and select platform “Android” and click “Build” . Save .apk file .Your apk is signed !


☛ Go developer console again Google Developer Console on the left menu click “APK” and select BETA TESTING or ALPHA TESTING and click “Upload new APK to Beta”


☛ Click “Browse File” and select your application .apk file. When upload complete, click “Publish now to Beta”. Your app will be publish in Google Play Store in a HOUR.


☛ We will create In app products. on the left menu click “In-app Products” and on the new page “Add new prdouct”


☛ Enter Product Id. This id must be uniqe and COPY this productId , we will use this id in IAPCross. click “Continue”
You can create Subscription , Unmanaged, Managed products.


☛ Enter Title , Description , Default price. Click “Auto convert prices now” and “Save” . On dropdown menu set your product status to “Activate”. If you dont activate your product , you can not test.


☛ On the Left menu fill Store Listing and Pricing & Distribution. If everything is OK , you will see right top side “Publish” button and click it.

★ Your Application and Products are publish on Google Play ! ★

☛ You have to create tester group for testing.Click “APK” -> “BETA TESTING” -> Manage list of testers.


☛ On the opening page you can enter Google+ Community or Google Group URL for tester group.Your testers must be member of this Group or Community.


☛ Send test link to your testers.When tester go to this link , Google play ask to “Become Tester”. Tester must be click this button “Become Tester”. When tester click this button , it will be tester in HOUR.
ATTENTION : You can test only Real Devices. (Not Emulator)


★ ★ Your Application is ready for testing !!! ★ ★

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