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Windows Phone Multi Language App Title and Tile Title

1- Download this project : https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsapps/Language-Neutral-Resource-5894846e
2- Open project using visual studio
3- First we will create default language dll file;
– Double click AppResLib.rc file which is located under “Resouce Files” folder.
– “Resource View” will be open . Double Click “String Table” file

You will see like this table;

ID     Value   Caption

Dont change “ID” and “Value” values.Only Set Caption values.

4- Build AppResLib project at “Release” mode.
5- Copy “AppResLib.dll” to any other location.Because we will build again and we need this file. (For Example : Desktop/AppNames) . Default Language Dll ready!
6- Open again “AppResLib.rc” file change Caption name(For Example : Enter Japanese App Name) and build again.Rename AppResLib.dll file according to locale ID.you can find here : https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/apps/ff967550(v=vs.105).aspx (Windows Phone 8 supported display languages)
Ex : Rename AppResLib.dll -> AppResLib.dll.0411.mui (for Japanese ) and Japanese language ready.
7- Copy this file to where you copy to Default language file “AppResLib.dll” . (For Example : Desktop/AppNames)
8- Your Multi language files ready..If you need more language file.Repeat 6,7

9- Open your Windows Phone project.Right Click on Your Project -> Add -> Existing Item… -> Select “AppResLib.dll” file and “AppResLib.dll.0411.mui” files.
10- Right Click on “AppResLib.dll” and “AppResLib.dll.0411.mui” files -> Properties -> Build Action -> change to “Content”
11- Extend “Properties” -> Double Click on WMAppManifest.xml
12- Change Display Name to : @AppResLib.dll,-100
and change Tile Title to : @AppResLib.dll,-200
13- Build and RUN !

More Info : https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/apps/ff967550(v=vs.105).aspx
If you follow up More Info instructions.Do not move .umi files to “Resources” folder.